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Equal Parenting 101

The Basics

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Feminism rests on a foundation of respect and equality for all humans, starting with the self. 


As parents, we have more impact than anyone else on kids' self-identity and their worldview during the formative years. In a nutshell, if we can teach them to accept and advocate for themselves and to admire and embrace differences in others, we'll be on our way to raising a more confident generation who insists on social justice. 

Throughout this website you'll find in-depth discussion, analyses and recommended resources.  Sign up below for 11 foundational techniques for raising children with a healthy sense of entitlement.

Coloful Chalk

Equal Parenting 101


11 foundational techniques for raising kids with

a healthy sense of entitlement

Free Guide to Gender Equal Parenting 

  • Help your children feel relaxed in their own skins 

  • Raise kind, inclusive, confident kids

  • Create open communication so they'll still talk to you when they're teens

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Max, Dad

Data Scientist

I learned a lot scrolling through your site. I'm most impressed by the idea of making sex and sexuality just a normal part of life  as kids grow up...becasue, well, it is.

Christina, mother of 2  Professor and Clinical Psychologist

I found myself near tears several times, reacting to the sheer direct-hit for so many of the things I struggle with as a parent and as a woman. For better or worse, I'm not easily impressed but this is vitally important stuff addressed in a really useful way.

Dana, age 23

I'm not a parent but man I wish my parents had this site when I was growing up. Or if it existed when I was a teenager I could have learned so much about all the destructive messages I was internalizing. It would have saved me a lot of pain

Rachael,  mother of 4 Family Law Attorney

I found the Feminist Parent when I was looking for help with teen sexuality for my older two. It's so helpful  for that but it's also giving me a lot of ideas for sharing info on gender (in)equality with my youngest two. Thanks! 

Feminist Parenting
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