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Toxic Masculinity and Rape Culture

Studies have shown that there is a link between toxic masculinity and rape culture. The concept of toxic masculinity has been around forever. How often in movies do we see a little boy crying and the dad getting mad at his son and telling him to be a man? When talking about toxic masculinity, we are not talking about men’s innate traits, but about the cultural construction of manhood and set of standards for, what society views as, strong men. Suppressing emotions, maintaining an appearance of hardness or being dominant over women are all aspects of toxic masculinity. What society is becoming more aware of are the harmful effects of toxic masculinity and its ties to violence. 


Always having to be strong or have no feelings teaches men that the best way to prove their strength or dominance is with violence. In the case of toxic masculinity and rape culture, this act of violence is more likely to happen when their masculinity and male privilege are being threatened. Like, for example, when a guy gets turned down by a girl in front of everyone at a party and feels embarrassed or if a guy is expecting sex from a girl after a few dates and hasn’t had sex yet. Those who are poisoned by the concept of toxic masculinity will act in violence to claim what they feel is their “rights” as a man. 


While toxic masculinity isn’t the cause of all rape cases in the world, it teaches that men are in charge and women are not. 


To learn more about toxic masculinity and rape culture, check out The Feminist Parent. The Feminist Parent offers articles, opinions and ideas about how to increase your consciousness about these subjects and more.

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