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Understanding Gender Bias And Sexism

Learn How Gender Bias And Sexism Is Hurting Our Daughters

Most girls and women, if not all, will experience a lifetime of gender bias and sexism. Gender bias means that people are treated differently based on their gender identity. People stereotype girls and women based on gender and then assume they can and should only do certain things. Sexism shows up in everyday interactions. Girls and women are regularly demeaned through sexist jokes, getting flashed and catcalled, being objectified, interrupted, ignored, dismissed, and not viewed as credible. Girls learn they are not safe through the constant warnings they get from their parents and from the daily violence against women they hear about in the news. They come to believe it's normal to be treated like an object, not taken seriously, and scared to be alone at night. Over time, girls and women internalize the everyday sexism and gender bias they experience. They become cautious, anxious, withdrawn, doing what they must to avoid being hurt. They begin to believe they are less smart, interesting and worthy. Gender bias and sexism is limiting and is harmful to girls' self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you would like to learn more on how to help your child cope with gender bias and sexism, and better understand gender bias and sexism yourself, check out The Feminist Parent.

Feminist Parenting
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