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This question and answer sheet can help girls understand whether they were assaulted:

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Six Minute Sex Ed by @sixminutesexed is a podcast helping families learn together about bodies, consent, relationships, and sex. Level One episodes are perfect for the younger ages while Level Twos are crafted with tweens and teens in mind. You can check them out now on all major podcast platforms.

Websites: Amaze, 🎥 AMAZE Jr and AMAZE Parents are collections of animated short videos by @amazeorg that add fun and humor to talks about how babies are made, body literacy, and safety. These episodes are less than four minutes each, so they hold kids’ attention well. The section for parents provides videos and digital guides that help adults approach the talks more confidently. Visit to check them out!



Life Kit recommends: 

  • is aimed at teenagers and emerging adults.

  • Heather Corinna's most recent book is S.E.X.

  • Amaze animated videos are especially good for 10- to 13-year-olds. Topics range from puberty to sexually transmitted infections. 

  • is a comprehensive sex education website.

  • Six Minute Sex Ed is a podcast for parents, teachers and caring adults. 

  •  AMAZE Jr. videos, aimed at both parents and children ages 4 to 8, which help tackle topics like gender and where babies come from.

Also podcast Food Psych

Clementine Wants to Know... by @birdhousekids is a beautifully designed app that follows Clementine, a 6yo with an outsized curiosity, who learns she's having a new sibling. This app helps kids explore human anatomy, love, reproduction, pregnancy, birth, different kinds of families, and taking care of a baby. You can download and start playing today via Apple or GooglePlay.

Heading 1


  • Doc McStuffins

  • Word Girl

  • Pete the Cat

  • Lilo & Stitch

  • Hilda

  • TOTS


Many of Hayao Miyazaki's films including

  • Ponyo,

  • Kiki's Delivery Service

  • My Neighbor Totoro

Feminist Parenting
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