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Gender Neutral Parenting

What is Gender Neutral Parenting?

Gender neutral parenting is about breaking away from the gender binary and exposing children to a variety of gender types and allowing children to explore. One example of gender neutral parenting is to encourage your child to play with all types of toys, whether they are considered to be boy or girl toys. Another example would be to keep clothing neutral and allow your child to pick their own clothes, even if it means that your son wants to wear a pink shirt to school. 


With gender neutral parenting, parents don’t want to restrict their child from being who they are and from doing what they can do. Basically, parents who go this route just don't want stereotypes to dictate how they raise their kids. They don’t want their child to grow up feeling that they are limited because they are a boy or girl. 


Every year, gender neutral parenting and feminist parenting, which is an actionable, skill-based philosophy of parenting through feminism and feminist ideals of respect, equality, and social justice, has been growing in popularity and has become more accepted, with signs of it becoming the norm. As a matter of fact, many millennial parents are now starting to go the gender neutral parenting and feminist parenting route from birth.  


If you have questions about gender neutral parenting or feminist parenting, go to for important information and resources. The Feminist Parenting Community site offers a platform for you to communicate with other members by posting questions, blog posts, reflections, rants, book recommendations, poetry, whatever, as long as it inspires or relates to feminist parenting and helping kids discover an internal sense of freedom. 


Check out The Feminist Parenting Community at

Feminist Parenting
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