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What is Sex Positive Parenting?

There comes a point in every parent’s life when they have to talk to their child about sex. Talking about sex and sexuality can be hard to talk about to other adults, so the thought about talking about sex and sexuality can be excruciating when it comes to talking about it to your own child. But within the last decade, the way we approach the talk about sex has shifted. Instead of avoiding the topic or barely talking about it at all, the world has seen a shift towards sex positive parenting. So what is sex positive parenting?


Sex positive parenting teaches kids that sexuality is healthy, normal and natural. Instead of sticking to the shameful stigma around sex, sex positive parenting allows children the freedom to explore and express new feeling and urges without any judgements or shaming. Sex positive parenting is all about honesty and learning how to communicate without shaming or judgement. 


It is very important to know how to communicate without shaming when talking about sex and sexuality to your child. Talking to your child about sex and sexuality can feel awkward for parents, so imagine how it is for a teen to communicate to their parents about the subject. So learn how to communicate without shaming, overreacting or reprimanding your child. Doing so can cause fear and insecurities to develop in your child. More importantly, your child will feel like they cannot communicate with you on important matters. 

Sex positive parenting has been gaining more attention lately and if you feel yourself leaning towards sex positive parenting, check out The Feminist Parent offers articles, opinions and ideas about how to increase your kid’s consciousness about subjects about sex positive parenting and offers advice on how to communicate without shaming when talking to your teen about sex. Check them out today!

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